Remote Controlled Pirate Ship Robot
  • When: 2010
  • Team: 3 Mechatronics Engineers responsible for Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Firmware Software Engineering, and Systems Integration
  • My Role: Mechatronics Engineer with additional focus on Firmware Software Engineering and Systems Integration
The Challenge

Design and build a full-functioning boat and controller that can cooperatively strive to harvest a crop of virtual crab during a series of crabbing “seasons” within three weeks for less than $150.


Our team of three created our pirate ship in the Spring of 2010. Our pirate ship was a sleek fiberglass boat that was quickly maneuverable through dangerous waters.

For more details on our pirate ship, check out our project website.

Remote Controlled Pirate Ship Robot Controller Pirate Wheel and Pirate Hat

Remote Controlled Pirate Ship Robot sailing in the water

We integrated a variety of disciplines to create our pirate ship, including design, electronics, mechanical, and firmware skills.

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