Italian Job Movie Robotic Arcade Game
  • When: 2009
  • Team: 3 Mechatronics Engineers responsible for Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Firmware Software Engineering, and Systems Integration
  • My Role: Mechatronics Engineer with additional focus on Firmware Software Engineering and Systems Integration
The Challenge

In eighteen days and with an impossible budget of $150 USD, create a full-functioning, robust, interactive, electro-mechanical portrayal of a scene or image from pop-culture.

Project Mini

With a team of three in November 2009, I created a micro-controlled arcade game based off of the film The Italian Job, complete with driving around a red Mini Cooper and cracking a safe!

For more details on Project Mini, check out our project website.

Italian Job Movie Robotic Arcade Game up close

Using our design, electronics, CAD, mechanical, and firmware skills, we created a fully functioning, fun, and immersive game for children and adults.

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